Chorus RF Laptimer – 4in1 Part I – Soldering

Got some time ago a 4in1 Laptimer pcb from bernd, see   (schematic & layout is available under

Started ordering parts immediately, meanwhile all parts are arrived and I’m finally able to start soldering it together. Here is my order list (from banggood+aliexpress, be aware it could take 2-3 weeks to get all stuff):

Soldering is quite easy, even if you are not that experienced because of the big 1206 SMD Resistors. (Blue are 100, Orange are 1K, Green 10K, yellow are the shottkys, if this is your first pcb (you could daisy chain the 4in1 latpimer to get a 8in2 laptimer) you have to create a solder bridge or solder headers to jumper it later. For the uart loopback (black left one) and for the voltage sensor (top black one).
To be on safe side please power the DC/DC Converter and verify if you get really 5V on the output side. In my case the first DC/DC converter started immediately burning without anything connected.(See burned surface on the IC on the left) Luckily the pieces are cheap and i had spares from the pack of 5.
Soldering the 5.8 Ghz receiver moduls

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