Chorus RF Laptimer – 4in1 Part II – Flashing software

Next step is to get the software on the arduino. Get the latest source:

git clone

So i started my Arduino IDE (i used version 1.8.5), open the Ino file in the Chorus-RF-Laptimer folder and click on compile and following error appeared ):

/tmp/arduino_build_387930/sketch/mainDetectionAlgorithm.h: In function ‘void runExperimentalLapDetectionAlgorithm()’:
/tmp/arduino_build_387930/sketch/mainDetectionAlgorithm.h:53:41: error: ‘getDeepFilteredRSSI’ was not declared in this scope
rssi2 = getDeepFilteredRSSI();

Took a short look into the source, but didn’t find the getDeepFilteredRSSI, maybe it was forgotten to check in. So i rolled backed to latest stable version:

cd Chorus-RF-Laptime
git checkout -b 0.7.9

And finally it build through (: with git tag you can see all other tagged versions that exists

For programming Arduino’s i purchased a USBASP programmer. They are quite cheap and available for some dollars from china (e.g. banggood)

USBASP programmer connected to the Arduino

You have to connect folling PINs:


Connect programmer to your PC, select right Arduino in the IDE -> “Arduino Pro or ProMini with Processor ATmega328P (5V, 16Mhz)” and also the right Programmer “USBasp”. Finally program it via Sketch -> Upload using Programmer.

Flashing with the Arduion IDE

Now repeat this for the other three and done (=

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