Hardware in use


Complete Part list with links

FC Flight ControllerOmnibus F4 V3 pro17$
4in1 ESC Motor ControllerAnniversary Special Edition Racerstar REV35 35A BLheli_S 3-6S 4 In 1 ESC Built-in Current Sensor29$
MOTORS4set - Sunnysky-R2205-2300KV-2500KV-Brushless-Motor-2CW-2CCW35$
PROPS2 Pair DALPROP T5045C Cyclone 5 Inch 3 Blade Propeller3$
VTX VideoTransmitterImmersionRC-Tramp-HV-6-18V-5_8GHz-1mW-to600mW-Video-Transmitter-International-Version
Battery Strap4Pcs-RJX-Non-Slip-Silicone-Battery-Straps-Aluminium-Alloy-Buckle-for-FPV-Helicopter-Drone8$ ( one piece 2$)
Lipo ProtectorRealacc-Carbon-Fiber-Battery-Protection-Board3$
300Ohm Resistorfor Camera Control
1000uF, 25V, low ESR for power supply filtering
Dquad Obsession FrameDquad Obsession Frame~100$

Final price if you would order now all parts would be around ~355$, i would recommend to order at least some sets of props additionally.

The Dquad Obsession Frame is the most expensive part, however i liked the stable frame. To keep it longer i suggest to print the arm protectors, you can download it under https://www.dquad.nl/downloads/. Also printing the battery clip holder in tpu is a good idea, after the first bigger impact it broke ):
One disadvantage from the frame is that there is no flat space on top for mounting camera or a GPS modul, also the antenna is very exposed, that’s why I’m using a DIY pagoda with short cable length. (PCBs for it are available at blogs like philipp seidels in the internet. Also tpu protection covers are available on thingiverse (Pagoda Spacers & Cover, print cover with 102-104% size otherwise it will hardly fit).

Final repaired Obsession with 385g, which is kind heavy but still okay for a racing quad



Old Copters



  • Owner: Xeniter
  • Motors: Sunnysky X2212-6 KV 2450II
  • ESCs: KISS ESC 24A racing with dshot 600 firmware (1.08)
  • Flightcontroller: CC3D REVO with Betaflight 3.1.5 with KISS and smart port telemetry
  • Receiver: X4R (with mod, soldered inverter from smart port out and connected lines)
  • BEC: AMS1117 5V
  • Lipo: Turnigy Bolt 3S, 2400mAH, 65-130C discharge
  • Props: DJI 8045
  • Notes: Name Carbon is from the predecessor, now it have wooden arms, which has many advantages: cheap, easy to build new ones, non conductive and nearly as lightweight as carbon
    (if you use consider motor holder also which you need for round carbon poles)
    Motors have insane high KV for the 8045 props, KISS telemetry showed 113A at full throttle, which makes sense, because they should limit the current at around 30A.

Overview of 2016n: 3.1.5n: 3.1.5



  • Sunnysky 2700kV
  • KISS ESC 18A
  • CC3D with Betaflight