Chorus RF Laptimer – 4in1 Part III – Wifi Setup

This steps requires some patient, wlan always makes some troubles. Took me nearly half an hour, since than it worked more or less stable, sometimes i have to double connect. Please test it also without a android if you have troubles. Androids hates it if wlan have no internet connection, sometimes it doesn’t really add routes for the local network -> Means it show connected but your mobile phone sends nothing to the access point. Because android want to keep the user into dark(or i would say stupid^^) you don’t have many debug options per default. Better try with Laptop if you had too much troubles, lets get started with the wiring setup:

Wire the DT06 modul like here and power your laptimer, it took ~0.4A at 12V if it takes much more current please double check the soldering and connections.
1) Install Chorus RF Laptimer App
2) Find Wifi “Doit_WiFi_…..” and connect to it, it should appear immediately after powering on. (<5secounds)


3) Confirm you would like stay connected, even if your laptimer has no internet





4) Open your browser and connect to “”. If you are connected go to the serial settings under module.
5) Change baudrate to 115200
6) Got the network settigns and change Socket Type to UDP Server











7) Confirm new settings with restart


8) Wait till the restart finished







9) Start the laptimer app and click on “connect via wifi”. Be sure that your are still connected to the “Doit_Wifi..”. If it work you should see connected to (It connects always to the gateway, if you see something different something is wrong, verify you are not connected to your home wifi network)
10) If it worked you should see immediately the lipo voltage. If you still see 0V there is something wrong (except you have an hardware error with the adc)
11) The fun begins setup your pilot and the race can start…











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